The Larwill Studio

48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052 (03) 9032 9111 or

The late Australian artist David Larwill is the namesake artist for new boutique hotel The Larwill Studio, which is opening on September 8. The first Studio property in Melbourne for Art Series Hotel Group, The Larwill Studio will be dedicated to the act of mindful living. Through art and wellness-led experiences, the hotel will provide space for mindful and physical rejuvenation.

Inspired by the neo-expressionist ideology of the artist, who co-founded the communal ROAR Studios in the early 1980s, the group sought a unique location for a hotel that would support and interact with the local area. As part of the Commercial Precinct at the Royal Children’s Hospital on Flemington Road, the 96 ‘Workspaces’ and communal hubs will be a home away from home and space to escape to for ‘always-on’ work travellers.

Together with a multitude of wellness facilities, the hotel will display original and giclee prints of Larwill’s work and reflect his workspace. Guests will be encouraged to unleash their inner artist, using the sketchpads and utensils provided.

“David Larwill was part of the William Creek and Beyond project where Art Series Hotel Group was first conceptualised so we are really proud to attribute the second hotel in the Group Studio portfolio to his life and remarkable career,” says Art Series Hotel Group Will Deague. “His energetic and fun works will captivate any visitor to the hotel and will have a positive effect on the emotional wellbeing of corporate travellers, leisure travellers, health professionals, locals, families of patients visiting the hospital and alike.”

The Larwill Studio’s communal areas provide guests with transformable areas to live, work and play. Floor to-ceiling windows and an outdoor courtyard frame a picturesque view across the $6 million renovated Royal Parklands. Guests can participate in daily running groups, spend time reading in the art book library and work out at the gym. There will be a licensed in-house cafe/restaurant/bar – healthy food, of course. The hotel is part of a commercial precinct, which supports the adjacent hospital population with a variety of retail along a ‘main street’ including childcare, supermarket, newsagent and other food and beverage outlets to be confirmed. All rooms and public areas have an openhearted and playful atmosphere for any age to enjoy.

An enormous Larwill original greets guests on entry to the grand multi-functional lobby. Larwill’s love of bold, bright colour is reflected in an intense colour palate of burnt oranges, reds, blues, pinks and teal.

As the sixth hotel to join the group, The Larwill Studio will sit alongside the award-winning hotels The Olsen, The Blackman, The Cullen in East Melbourne, The Watson in Adelaide and The Schaller Studio in Bendigo, and provide an affordable, compact version of the brand.

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