GreenHeart_SamAli_hires-14 copyGreenheart Espresso:

432 Kent Street, Sydney 

Matt Woods, darling of Sydney’s design world is the creative mind behind the design of Greenheart Espresso, a welcoming oasis situated amongst the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s busy Kent Street and the latest venue created by couple Andrea Vagge and Fiona Bloomer, former owners of the much-adored Bronte Italian, La Locanda.

Bloomer credits Matt’s unique design as the inspiration for the café’s name ‘Greenheart’. Wood’s says, “I have a bucket list of ‘design ideas’ in my sketch book – an all green fitout being one of them,” Woods explains. “It’s a direct piss take of one of my lecturers from my sustainable architecture master course who, to paraphrase, once told me, ‘Unfortunately, often the greenest thing of any particular project is the colour of the paint’.”

The result is a luscious mural featuring Birds Of Paradise from a scientific drawing from State Library of NSW, splashed with an aquamarine wash over the walls and tiles.

Staying true to the green theme, Greenheart is also Matt’s ‘greenest’ job to date.  As the refurbishment had a small budget, Matt executed the project creatively, which produced a green outcome. The existing café layout and internal joinery was retained with focus placed on resurfacing and recladding existing mundane surfaces.


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