Bistro One Eleven

111 Eagle St, Brisbane 4000
(07) 3220 2557 or


In August VENUE announced the arrival of Philip Johnson’s newest venue, Bistro One Eleven.  Now open since September, inner-city residents and corporate crowds are tucking in.

Philip Johnson believes in letting quality produce speak for itself.

“I’m still absolutely obsessed with attention to detail, but after that, I try and do the very least with the very best produce,” he says.

“The One Eleven Concept is based around the idea of relaxed elegance seen in all elements of our clientele’s experience, from the modern design of the venue and the simply prepared dishes right through to the no-fuss menu.

“Both the food and drink menus remove the over-complicated ‘chef’ descriptions and ask the patron how they feel.”

Bistro One Eleven also sports an upstairs espresso bar, One Eleven Espresso.



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