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LiveWire Bar

Treasury Casino and Hotel, Queen St Mall, Brisbane
(07) 3306 8888 or treasurybrisbane.com.au

LiveWire Bar is back, with the help of Jbn Sound Ceiling.

The bar, in the heart of the Treasury Casino, has been an integral part of the entertainment offered there for many years. It was seen as a great destination to enjoy a drink and listen to a band any night of the week.

However, having live bands performing in the middle of the Casino can create problems such as loud music blasting through into the main gaming areas, disturbing punters at electronic gaming machines and gaming tables. Bass sound could also travel up into the Casino’s hotel rooms disrupting guests sleeping, hence noise complaints.

So management decided to replace the LiveWire bar band area with a new gaming area. The effect was the loss of some patrons. The solution was to bring the LiveWire bar back and actively seek ways to limit the noise issues associated with live bands and music blasting through the gaming areas and the exclusive accommodation above.

At the time, General Manager of Hotel, Food and Beverage at Treasury Casino, Johan Lindholm saw the Jbn Sound Ceiling speaker system at the Food Hotel Asia Expo in Singapore. Immediately he recognised the benefits of the speaker system and thought it could solve the problems faced at the LiveWire bar.

Jbn Sound Solutions were commissioned by the Treasury Casino to complete a total refit of the sound and lighting systems for the LiveWire bar. Paramount to the solution was the newly released Jbn Sound Ceiling speaker system. Upgraded from the previous version LAB2, the newly released Sweden designed and manufactured speaker system incorporates 2 x 10 inch bass drivers and 6 x 6 1⁄2 inch dual cone drivers per 600mm x 600mm panel. The 156 off, LAB24 sound panels with a total of 312 off, 10 inch bass drivers and 936 off, 6 1⁄2 inch dual cone drivers covering 56.16m2 directly above the dance floor area.

To further limit the spill of sound into the surrounding Casino areas, Jbn installed the TD30KV Roland electronic drum kit. All on stage equipment and instruments are directed to plug into the system via DI Boxes to further limit the on stage unamplified sound. Void Basys 12” Stage Monitors were installed on stage and Void Macro 10” Loudspeakers provided fill sound outside the speaker array over dance floor area. A Soundcraft Digital Mixing console SI-E-2 was installed to control the bands from either side of the room and a Void Digidrive V2 Audio processor provided the brains of the system. The lighting system, totally supplied by Show Technology, consisted of Martin Rush MH-1 moving heads, Max Classic Stobes and Pro Shop LED PAR Cans controlled by a Martin LightJockey.

The completion of the installation has seen the LiveWire bar refurbished and reinvigorated. Live bands are back on weekends at Treasury Casino!

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