Artist’s impression

Jimmy Grants

St David St, Collingwood

George Sykiotis and George Calombaris are set to open Jimmy Grants in Fitzroy, with a fitout giving homage to 1960s Greek Australia and the realisation of a long-held dream to open an Athenian-style souvlaki bar in Australia.

The space is aimed to deliver a high-quality product to the fast casual sector. The name itself is a reference to rhyming slang of the 1960’s, ‘Jimmy Grant’ sounding like ‘immigrant. The brief from George Sykiotis to Techné Architects was to recreate a warm family atmosphere of a Greek home in Collingwood back in the 60’s and 70’s.

“A retro 60’s styling does transport you to a Greek suburban home, as you sit among the action in the kitchen enjoying some great fresh flavours with the traditional souvlaki,” said George Sykiotis, Director at Made Establishment.

The fitout avoids the obvious Greek references and Techné employed subtle hints within their construction such as blue and white geometric frieze patterned tiles in the restaurants bathroom and kitchen together with the use of Cyprus pine fence cladding.

“One of the challenges of the project was the 125 meter space we were working with. The space had to accommodate the many services and amenities required such as the kitchen, seating for 35, the bar, service area and it had to allow for a flow of traffic as people order and waitfor their takeaway. Techné is well versed in opening up a space, something we do in both hospitality and residential developments,” said Techné Director Nicholas Travers.

“You achieve relevant design when it talks closely to the environment, service and product offered, and also when it addresses the clients perspective and objective,” said Travers.

The graffiti mural references the mid-20th century migration of Greeks to Melbourne, depicting a ship and DC3 that were the most common means of transport that immigrants used to travel to Australia during the 1950’s and 60’s.

“I have wanted to open a souvlaki bar for some time and now is definitely the right time. Eating out is a part of people’s weekly routine and thus you need to provide a unique offer with the food and the environment. Jimmy Grants will stand up to this discerning crowd and there will be more popping up around town, and each will reflect the personality of its location,” said Sykiotis.

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