Paul Beale, Director of Electrolight, describes the philosophy and some of the detail behind the outstanding Merrywell lighting design: “The lighting design concept was developed to create a point of difference from the rest of the casino’s hospitality offerings. The client wanted to create a warm and cosy atmosphere using a simple, clean palette of materials. The lighting played a role in creating this — the venue was not to feel like a casino, the lighting design was to promote a feeling of bonhomie, consistent with a casual watering hole with great food, drinks and atmosphere. “We were lucky to be working with an architect in Mills Gorman that ‘gets’ lighting design. Between us we designed a number of custom elements — the lounge pendants, the feature and associated lights, the feature bottle wall and various lighting elements built into the joinery. As is typical for a Crown venue, there is more to the lighting than meets the eye. For a start, the majority of the lighting is LED and behind the light fixtures sits a sophisticated Dynalite lighting control system that provides fine tuning and scene setting for various times of day. This sophistication and depth of design is perhaps illustrated best by the bottle wall. The wall comprises hundreds of VB ‘stubby’ bottles — an interesting enough feature in itself — but behind each of the bottles is an individual RGB LED fixture from Traxxon, each fully addressable using the sort of technology typically used to control media facades.”

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