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The Town Mouse

312 Drummond St, Carlton 3053
(03) 9347 3312 or


The Town Mouse offers food and drink in an historically prosperous restaurant location.

Chef Dave Verheul has hatched a menu that focusses on balance and texture. Owner Christian McCabe says the menu showcases an array of original and award-winning techniques. “The key aspect of the food is that it is gastronomic, yet humble enough to be eaten everyday which allows the venue to function equally as a local as well as a dining destination for special occasions or date night”.

McCabe, owner of the 2008 Cuisine NZ Restaurant of the Year, Matterhorn, has teamed up with sister Amber McCabe (previously Longrain) and Jay Comeskey (previously St Ali). The interiors by Allistar Cox were created for glamour and old-school charm and feature natural and hand-crafted materials.

“The design of The Town Mouse is an idealised portrayal of how we believe the everyday should be lived – just because something is nice doesn’t mean it should be saved for a special occasion. Being with friends and family is special enough,” says Christian McCabe.

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