Bose recently debuted its latest innovation, the VideoWave entertainment system in Sydney. The 46-inch 1080P LCD display may not look revolutionary, but when combined with a built-in home theatre system that emulates surround sound. Not to get too technical, but the basic idea is that six speakers are matched to a waveguide, and using sound radiator technology send different signals bouncing around the room so it appears as if sound is coming from where speakers are not. Best of all, it’s room adaptive, so with some automatic internal calibration, the system can produce great results in any room. The VideoWave also comes with a console that can connect up to five high definition players as well as the supplied iPod dock. And it all connects to the TV with a single cable. The Bose click pad remote works using RF technology, so it doesn’t need to be pointed at the screen, and it can also control the connected devices as well as the TV, making this a pretty neat, but expandable all-in-one system. It will retail in Australia for $7999.

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