The Classroom

1/356 Charles St, North Perth WA 6006
(08) 9444 7729 or

New Perth small bar The Classroom takes visitors right back to their days in primary school.  Surround Sounds were approached by the owners Daniel Sterpini and Adam Keane (from popular catering business Cocktail Gastronomy) to introduce technology that would integrate into the venue perfectly and not detract from the retro classroom feel.

Surrounds Designer Mark Jeisman’s goal was to ensure that there was a equal distribution of sound and volume in the public spaces of the venue, so 8x flush mount Turbosound Impact 50T were custom painted and installed in the ceilings.

The restroom areas feature Flatline Acoustics flush ceiling speakers and pipe out anything from French Lessons, to Science lectures, for an audio education. Patrons at their tables can listen in, too, with 80s era headphones.

The main source of music in The Classroom is Sonos using on line subscription based digital music channels. Supporting this as music back up, or for private function events is the second Denon Ipod Dock. The importance of acoustic treatments was an early consideration discussed by Surround Sounds with the Classroom team: not only the intelligibility of the audio, but the actual social aspect of being able to have an actual conversation in the venue that like many had a concrete floor. Mark Jeisman, Surround Sounds director, says, “I’m all for minimalist style venues with hard and chic interiors, but we’ve come across many venue operators that don’t have any regard for the fact that punters won’t even be able to have a decent conversation in the place without shouting, hence a catch-22 situation of raising the entire ambient noise level beyond comprehension.”

For those old re-runs of Knight Rider and It’s Academic, video sources in the form of Blu Ray DVD plus USB capability, DTV and direct HDMI and VGA for PC applications are delivered to a 55” LED Samsung 7000 series TV.

During its alternative trading times The Classroom also holds Masterclass Cocktail Mixology and Cooking classes.  And to top it all off, an old Peter’s Ice Cream enamel sign from Mark’s own high school sits above the Classroom canteen area.





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