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Blackmilk Interior Design was given the task of creating a unique dining space for Pinocchio’s Italian restaurant.  Blackmilk fused the traditional, finely detailed, heritage building with the contemporary industrial interior. At first, the showcase of food is the most arresting element. The pizza oven, finished with glazed tiles, is reminiscent of an Italian kitchen.  The restaurant’s premium imported prosciutto is proudly showcased in the larder, surrounded by other fresh produce, pots and pans. The bar, again finished in glazed tiles and a marble bench top, is separated from the dining area through steel framed glazed panels and a change in floor materials.

The relationship between the traditional and contemporary is achieved through the use of aesthetically imposing materials. The natural timber walls strike a balance between the industrial aesthetic of the cold bluestone floors and glazed brick work, whilst the suspended pendants create a dark atmospheric ambience adding a dash of colour to the otherwise neutral palette.

Lending a light hearted touch to the overall aesthetic is the large mural that narrates Pinocchio’s story, beautifully illustrated and echoed on the crockery, glassware and signage.

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