Ocean Dome, Japan

This is an unusual inclusion in our Aspire page, but undoubtedly it is a venue, and undoubtedly it is quite extraordinary.

Ocean Dome is known as the world’s largest indoor water park (300m x 100m x 38m), with a retractable roof. The air temperature is always kept around 30º C and the water temperature is kept at around 28º C. It’s located near the Pacific Ocean on Kyushu Island.

Why build a beach right next to the beach? Get with the program… The weather’s always fine at Ocean Dome; the surf’s always ‘up’ at Ocean Dome; and forget about life-threatening rips, or long slogs through sand fly infested foreshores to find a dodgy loo… and sharks? Well, we’re told the cost of a food is a little steep, but paying over the odds for your sushi platter is a darn sight better than having two white pointers playing tug of war with your limbs.

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