George P Johnson:

70 Riley Street, Darlinghurst NSW

In deepest Darlinghurst resides the offices of George P Johnson. You’d be forgiven for thinking George P Johnson could well be a solicitor, an undertaker, or a bespoke tailor, but rather, GPJ (as we’ll call them for the sake of brevity) is an ‘event and experience’ marketing agency.

This being the case, GPJ wanted a less than conventional work environment, representing their ability to think well outside the box.

GPJ approached another free thinker, Bergstrom Architects, for a cost effective design that would delight and inspire. There was a very strong design brief to challenge the norms. Carpet was strictly verboten, and the existing ceiling tiles needed to be de-constructed to break down the standard office elements.

The design emphasises raw materials, using brick, timber, hemp rope and the concrete floor in an attempt to present the space in an honest and creative way. The ceiling grid was necessary to retain existing services however in areas of the open office the tiles are removed exposing the services above and giving the work space a more industrial feel. The lift lobby and foyer have a black paint finish with raw timber features that create a sense of movement in the confined space.

Recycled timber panelling and raw recycled bricks bring texture into the space and provide a backdrop for the many art works and eclectic furniture, much of which GPJ already owned. This project was very much a collaboration between Bergstrom Architects and the client GPJ, which not only contributed the brief but on every level of the design process. Just what you’d expect a group of free-thinking, stay-with-me creative types!

Satelight (Pendant Lights) www.satelight.com.au

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