Melt Chocolate Bar

124 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW
(02) 9747 6358 or www.facebook.com/Melt.Chocolate.Bar.Burwood

Designer Matt Woods developed the interior of Melt to overtly reference the world’s most passion evoking food: chocolate. It’s adorned with delectable dark, milk and white chocolate hues, and is inclusive of a monolithic “marble” bar (reconstituted stone chosen for its environmental impact, durability low moisture absorption and stain resistance when compared to “natural” stones”), which is used traditionally for the tempering of chocolate.

References to chocolate are hinted at through the square geometry of the chocolate brown leathers of the banquette seating, whilst above, cylindrical timbers (lined with dimmable LED lighting) run between each steel blade, and are a direct reference to chocolate wafer rolls. The slight variations in the shape of the individual pieces of recycled glass adds further imagery, and is indicative of melting blocks of chocolate.

VENUE suspects that a whole lot of chocolate was eaten in the creative process. Check out future issues of the mag to find out.

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