Café - 17 February 2013


Once A Tailor 727 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn Vic 3122 (03) 9818 2224   The freshly renovated space at number 727 reflects a modern, yet considered aesthetic: exposed brick walls, sleek marble bench tops and an open courtyard. In a cheeky reference to its namesake, Once a Tailor’s interiors also feature antique sewing machines perched throughout

Local - 15 November 2009


Liar Liar: 90 Kinkora Rd, Hawthorn VIC (03) 9818 8864 Salvatore Malatista has owned 72 venues and he’s only 36. How’d he do it? “You start when you’re 20, you have an appetite for risk, you don’t sleep and you trust and hire really talented people. You delegate a lot and cross your fingers.” venue

Local - 4 September 2008

A New Undertaking

The Undertaker: 329 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC (03) 9818 3944 or After a healthy lifespan of three years — making Undertaker about the ripe old age of a half-century in hospitality years — Olivia Frawley and family decided to bury the old design and layout, and resurrect the venue with a touch of Melbourne