Once A Tailor

727 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn Vic 3122
(03) 9818 2224


The freshly renovated space at number 727 reflects a modern, yet considered aesthetic: exposed brick walls, sleek marble bench tops and an open courtyard. In a cheeky reference to its namesake, Once a Tailor’s interiors also feature antique sewing machines perched throughout the café.

Owners Tony Verga and John Bertuna bring 40 years’ hospitality experience to Once a Tailor. The name of the café comes from John’s father-in-law who was in fact, once a tailor. Peter Matt, a successful tailor and mentor to many, ran his business in Port Melbourne with great success. It is this success that encouraged John and Tony to put aside their then careers and pursue plans to open and run their own café.

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