V Club, V Good

V Club:

48 Druitt Street, Sydney NSW
(02) 8088 8888 or www.vclub.com.au

Fitness clubs tend to assume its clientele are game show hosts or on ecstacy… Thumping house music, strobes, smoke machines, belly dancing, jelly wrestling… you think I’m joking?! Meanwhile, V Club aims to balance the needs of people that want to escape the hustle and bustle of their day and quieten their minds through exercise. Here you can chill out on one level and sweat it out on another. Located in Sydney’s CBD, V Club is the first of many planned across Australia. The club is spread over 2700sqm and four floors, each themed in colour, music, and scent as well as deliberately oversized and spacious — don’t let the battery hen walking machines fool you — for the comfort of their members. Incorp Interior Design, with Rebecca Cadorin and Susie Rossell at the helm, were responsible for designing an interior that reflects the philosophy of ‘transcendental chillout of the east meets the Mr Motivator gyrations of the west’.The V Yoga Zone located on Level 3 is home to three studios named Firefly, Warrior and Cobra. Firefly is red and heated for the 37°C Hot Yoga classes; Warrior Studio plays host to Pilates and dance classes; while Cobra is home to pole dancing, tai chi and Pilates mat sessions.The corridors are wide and every member’s ‘state of mind’ is nurtured with the offer of quiet rooms for pre and post yoga meditation. The V Members Lounge on Level 1 offers a casual meeting point and encourages social interaction between its members and staff. The V Weights & Cardio Studio located on Level 2 features state-of-the-art resistance equipment along with free weights. All cardio machines have individual TV screens featuring 15 Foxtel and free-to-air channels for the user’s viewing pleasure.The comfortable seating and privacy rooms that separate the cardio and weights room provide coaches and personal trainers an area to meet with their clients to discuss and tailor their fitness and lifestyle needs (“I’m afraid I’m going to limit you to one bottle of chardy and three ristrettos a day…”). To ensure their members leave not only feeling great but also looking great, V Club Change Rooms offer even more state of the art equipment for relaxing and beautifying after a workout. Both the Men and Ladies changerooms are well equipped with stand-up tanning booths, sauna and Bisazza-tiled steam rooms. [Photo: Dave Taylor]

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