The Southport School

2 Winchester St, Southport QLD 4215


The Southport School (TSS) is an Anglican day and boarding school on the Gold Coast. The Dining Hall has always been a meeting place for students, and TSS wanted to provide a better audio and visual experience for boarders. TSS was unhappy with the original audio system which was creating a large amount of reverb. Additionally, the school wanted to provide a large screen, projector and microphone system to help with presentations.

TSS enlisted VIDEOPRO Education Sales Manager, Dan Macready. Dan decided to install JBL Control 67 pendant speakers to confine audio and reduce echo, and also as they blended perfectly with the surrounds. Known for their sound quality, the JBL speakers provide maximum coverage in rooms and venues with high-ceilings. A large-format motorised screen and projector was then installed along with a wireless microphone system and AMX control system.

The JBL Control 67 speakers incorporate JBL’s proprietary, patent-pending, conical RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator technology, adapted from the VerTec Series of line array loudspeakers. This JBL patent-pending innovation combines a large-diameter, high-frequency waveguide with low-frequency projection apertures that work in tandem to provide integration of coverage between the two coaxially-mounted drivers.

The JBL Pendant speakers, although fitting seamlessly with the decor, required custom fixings to be made to mount them. The speakers were hung from the rafters, and were suspended with wires to the desired height to create the best audio coverage while minimising echo.

Even though the historic values and aesthetics of the Dining Hall demonstrated challenges in implementation, obstacles were overcome and TSS have been left with a great audio visual system that will service boarders for years to come.

For more information on JBL’s pendant speakers visit www.jands.com.au.

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