LK Jewellery:

Crown Casino, Southbank, Melbourne

Upscale casinos are a haven for primo retail. And like 24-carat limpets, you’ll always find upmarket stores selling fancy undies and expensive jewellery. I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions about why they’re such a good ‘fit’, but so it is with Crown Casino and LK Jewellery.
Woods Bagot was given the task of designing this Fabergé Egg of a store. Headed up by Project Director Kate Frear, Woods Bagot instantly cottoned onto one key notion: when indulging yourself and shopping for jewellery you should be in an environment that is as beautiful and individual as what you are about to take home.
It’s a big leap of faith for LK, a family business without the global clout of, say, a Tiffany & Co. The store design needed to say all the right, reassuring things to its existing, established clientele as well as being an exciting, luxurious destination for the next generation.

The inspiration for the facade design is the links of a watch band. In fact, the links wrap up and over to create the ceiling and back down internally, breaking down to create a display opportunity for handbags and smaller leather goods. Approaching the store from the west you experience this great volume through the double height glass façade, revealing the store in the most theatrical light.
Unique to the Melbourne boutique is the VIP room encased with dark textured finishes including timber, leather and marble. The dark finishes create the perfect back drop for the exquisite jewellery on display allowing the sparkle of the jewels to demand attention.
The LK Jewellery store is special in ways an eBay retailer could never be. Next stop, the frilly knickers store.

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