Minq Secret

MINQ Bar & Lounge:

Burswood Entertainment Complex
(08) 9362 7965 or www.minq.com.au

Burswood Entertainment Complex has officially unveiled its latest venue: MINQ Bar & Lounge. NH Webb Architects, the design team behind the project worked within the existing infrastructure — the space was formerly used as private gaming rooms — keeping original wood panelling, intricate cornices and solid timber doors to create glamorous rooms with luxurious finishes.They have successfully turned the space into a sophisticated and intimate late-night destination, skillfully interpreting their vision of a discrete, smart cocktail lounge with a series of private, intimate and secretive rooms each being suggestive of a different experience. Former West Australian, now Melbourne-based, designer Simon Webb said he loves the idea of the dark, secretive bar. “I wanted to create places where you can discreetly hide,” he explains.Rich fabrics and plush furnishings have created the decadence Webb was after. Divine, gold velour chairs have been sent over from Melbourne and an incredible chandelier has been shipped from Italy. “We wanted to continue the quality of The Pearl Room at Burswood and bring in the chic of the classic London club,” he adds.Attention to detail, the rich fabrics, decorative wallpapers and seductive lighting, all combine to create a contemporary venue.The main bar is a monolithic block of black granite carved with backlit yellow bands and a glowing ice well. Custom-made acrylic screens glow under intimate lighting and stand out against dark timber paneling.Adrian Downes, Design Director of NH Webb, said MINQ’s demeanour was simply “a brand new bar housed within an old Mansion, or Gentleman’s Club.“We contrasted very contemporary touches — black granite, lights, acrylic screens — and then introduced traditional backdrops.”His team researched Melbourne’s restaurant and bar scene and also drew inspiration from their experiences of New York and London’s late-night bars, lounges and sophisticated hotels (tough job but someone’s gotta… etc).“Having lived in London for many years I have seen and experienced many types of pubs and bars but I drew influence from the more stylish late-night bars that have evolved to become popular. “Our aim was to create a space for a sophisticated, fun loving clientele who expect something different and appreciate quality.”

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