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Yebisu Izakaya

Regent Place, 501 George St Sydney 2000


Yebisu has opened in Regent Place, George Street, just opposite Sydney Town Hall. Dubbed Sydney’s ‘J-Village’, the revitalised Regent Place and surrounding neighbourhood is home to a number of Japanese food and drink destinations.

Yebisu’s extensive menu covers yakitori and other grill items as well as classic hits such as sushi, sashimi, hot pots, noodles and fried dishes.  Specialised chefs are assigned to each style of cooking with Yebisu’s yakitori master sending out signature dishes.

Yebisu also offers diners a fully integrated iPad ordering system with each table featuring its own iPad menu for customers to browse and order from – one of the first in Sydney. It allows diners to see which stage their order is up to, from ‘order placed’ to ‘cooking currently’ to ‘on its way to the table’. A bespoke sake trolley also circulates the room with a specialist on hand to help navigate the extensive list. Once ordered, the sake is poured ceremoniously at the table with much fanfare, in true izakaya style.

Yebisu’s fit-out is boldly ‘east meets west’, reflecting the old and the new face of Japan. Traditional and obviously Japanese in its detail, the modern street art, courtesy of Coffs Harbour-based graffiti artist Ash Johnston, adds a modern touch. The exterior of the restaurant features brightly-lit neon signage running alongside glowing paper lanterns traditionally found outside izakaya bars in Japan. Sydney-based Giant Design are responsible for Yebisu’s interiors as well as the fit out of its J-Village neighbours, Chanoma Cafe and Tenkomori.

Photos by Andrew Worssam 


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