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The Walrus Club

543 Coronation St, Toowong 4066


The Walrus Club can be found – with some difficulty – in the depths of the Regatta Hotel, offering a sensuous experience around rum.

The venue is a rabbit warren of intimate, interconnecting spaces, each with its own subtle identity based on rum and the 1920/30’s Temperance Movement (Prohibition). Comfortable leather lounge chairs, rough-sawn timber crates and cast iron-framed stools furnish the rooms accompanied by Art Nouveau lamps and candles. The bars themselves feature copper sheet with solid timber tops.

Designers Brand + Slater Architects worked closely with owner Spirit Hotels to create a speakeasy-inspired venue that acquaints its patrons not only with the many varieties of rum and rum-based cocktails but also its history and associations. The realisation of a venue that specialises in one beverage type is something fairly new in Brisbane.

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