QPAC’s Fresh Face


Cnr Grey and Melbourne Sts, South Bank QLD
(07) 3840 7444 or www.qpac.com.au

QPAC Director John Kotzas knows this performing arts centre like the back of his hand. QPAC was coming up to 25 years of operation when he became very aware that things had to change. As a venue it needed to be more open and inclusive. For those not in the know — ie. if you’re not quaintly described as a ‘patron of the arts’ — QPAC seemed formidable and daunting. Working with architects Cox Rayner and building contractor Abigroup Kotzas and his team has transformed the entire facility.

The $35m refurbishment has included new seating and improved acoustics for the 2000-seat Lyric Theatre and the 1800-seat Concert Hall (by Marshall Day), as well as new public spaces such as bars, cafés and foyers. And then there’s the lighting. Wow. Take one look at these images and you immediately begin to un- derstand the amazing impact of the investment in the latest in lighting technology. Plenty of Anolis LED lights were specified. Anolis LED fixtures are known for their long life, low power consumption and low maintenance and they were installed by the dozen throughout the Concert Hall, Lyric Theatre and ground level bars. ULA Sales Manager Blair Terrace worked with AECOM Senior Lighting Designer, Rick Morrison, in collaboration with QPAC’s Lighting Department toarrive at the best solution. “As an example,” noted Blair, “The QPAC Concert Hall can change mood and theme virtually at will, with subtle changes in the colour and intensity of the Anolis ArcLine strips that Rick Morrison has specified. Patrons have a new experience with every production they attend, even before the curtain goes up.” Over 50 Anolis ArcLine36 Optic RGB strips were installed in the Concert Hall for roof and wall wash- ing, as well as underneath the foyer bars of the Lyric Theatre and Concert Hall. Anolis ArcSource 7 Warm White fixtures were installed over the tops of the bar for an even rich and warm glowing effect. In addition, 40 SGM Palco’s were used on the platforms for ceil- ing and organ lighting. All looks amazing. [Photos: Christopher Frederick Jones]

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