Simply Bovine Darling

Norman Hotel:

120 Ipswich Rd, Woollongabba QLD
(07) 3391 5022 or

‘The worst vegetarian restaurant in Brisbane’, trumpets the proud calling card of the Norman Hotel. Those looking for rabbit food, can well, just sod off — the Norman is all about meat! When the Hotel caught fire recently — right in the middle of a lunch service, would you believe — the Norman needed a rebuild, and while they were at it, a new bar to go where the bottleshop was. KP Architects went about fashioning the new Norman’s Bar, and given the hotel’s long predisposition towards meat, what better inspiration than all things bovine. The casual rustic indoor/outdoor atmosphere of the bar is augmented by cowhide wallpaper and milk bottle chandeliers, going for interesting as well as intimate — a new touch for the Norman. The new bar is a drinking and dining affair that stretches out into the re-built court- yard with the same high-level timber-battened roofs and the much-loved open air garden dining areas. Beyond the dining areas, a sunken timber island bar has seating for casual drinks along rustic communal dry bars. It opens up most days via large sliding windows, making it the perfect place to enjoy that Norman’s indoor/outdoor atmosphere.

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