Local - 17 November 2013


Pabu Grill and Sake 190 Smith St, Collingwood (03) 9419 6141 or pabu.com.au   Collingwood’s Smith Street dining strip is now home to Pabu Grill & Sake, a Japanese Izakaya with a menu rivalled only by its architectural merit. The space features an impressive interplay of architecture and artwork, courtesy of Architects EAT and Two

Bar - 19 May 2013


The Walrus Club 543 Coronation St, Toowong 4066   The Walrus Club can be found – with some difficulty – in the depths of the Regatta Hotel, offering a sensuous experience around rum. The venue is a rabbit warren of intimate, interconnecting spaces, each with its own subtle identity based on rum and the 1920/30’s

Local - 8 April 2013


Fonda Mexican Windsor 144 Chapel St, Windsor 3181 (03) 9521 2660 or fondamexican.com.au   A run-down heritage showroom in Windsor has become the home of the second restaurant under the banner of local taquería Fonda Mexican. The shell of the building was discovered during demolition, and the design was built around highlighting the pre-existing features.

Goods - 20 March 2013


Made from durable Indian rosewood and steel, the Craftsman Dry Bar is a solid and option for hospitality use. The grainy, knotty features of the timber create an organic and industrial look that belies the strength that makes this furniture so well suited for commercial use. The Craftsman is proving to be a popular product

Global - 12 April 2011


L’Olio Colto: www.oliocolto.it Talk about being ‘of a place’. L’Olio Colto restaurant, in the Italian countryside municipality of Taggia, is surrounded by two things — olive trees and stones. Consequently, the restaurant is primarily constructed of wood, stone, smatterings of iron, and a shade of grey-green that isn’t olive green only because it’s meant to

Bar - 7 March 2011


Neil Perry doesn’t wait around, but he understands that sometimes his customers have to. Situated in Crown Towers is Neil Perry’s version of a hotel bar, The Waiting Room. Designed by architect Grant Cheyne in association with 1:1 Architects, it’s naturally more than a simple lobby bar, but a collection of inspiration from places like

Alfresco - 15 March 2010

Simply Bovine Darling

Norman Hotel: 120 Ipswich Rd, Woollongabba QLD (07) 3391 5022 or www.normanhotel.com.au ‘The worst vegetarian restaurant in Brisbane’, trumpets the proud calling card of the Norman Hotel. Those looking for rabbit food, can well, just sod off — the Norman is all about meat! When the Hotel caught fire recently — right in the middle of

Restaurant - 15 March 2009

Gingerboy Upstairs

Gingerboy Upstairs: 27–29 Crossley St, Melbourne VIC (03) 9662 4200 or www.gingerboy.com.au Teage Ezard’s Gingerboy Upstairs has been refurbished to tie in with the downstairs dining area. Still keeping with Ezard’s penchant for hawker street-style eating with more structured dining options, Gingerboy Upstairs adds another dimension. “We have designed the upstairs space as a grouping