The George

216 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000
(08) 6161 6662 or


The George has offered a place to drink and dine for thousands in the heart of the CBD over the last four years. This popular city watering hole’s furniture and fittings have seen some good times, been witness to many ‘interesting’ events and have seen many late nights – they can only handle so much. It’s out with the old, and in with the new!

The George has a brand new look. The new additions to the furnishings include high-backed stools and plush dining chairs in luxurious deep red and cream fabrics. The restaurant now features dark wood stained dining tables and a custom made banquet booth. The booth’s elaborate interior is a throwback to 1920’s style and offers an exclusive private area for group dining, seating up to six guests.

While The George’s facelift was an important part of growing up, directors Steve Garcia and John Ahern were also intent on maintaining the style the venue is known for. The marble tables, plush furnishings, fireplaces and Roman-inspired artwork all remain key features of the venue’s décor. The staff at The George are now flaunting a new look too, with a range of new black pinstriped uniforms.

The George feeds on average 200 hungry diners daily across breakfast, lunch and dinner sessions Monday to Friday (dinner also available Saturday evenings). 150 cups of coffee are served daily and The George offers high tea delicacies to over 200 ladies every weekend.


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