Like angels dancing on your tongue.

Matt Mullins is a partner in Sand Hill Road hospitality group

A close mate of mine recently received some terrible news. As he tells it, the doctor leant in, brow furrowed, and uttered the horrible words: “I’m sorry, but you can’t drink beer. Ever. Again.”

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Telling Your Story: How to Stand Out

James Cooley is an account manager at PR agency, Stellar Concepts

I’ve been lucky enough to see my fair share of great venues, whether it be handling the PR for a restaurant, bar or nightclub, or attending an event. It’s a tough gig but someone has to do it.

The question remains the same for proprietors of these venues — how can I cut through the clutter when there are just so many options? Did you know Australia has one of the highest number of bars and restaurants per capita of anywhere in the world?

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Why your iPod doesn’t cut it.

Stuart Watters is a Director of Morph TV and consults for Nightlife Music.

Done right, an inspired selection of music can elevate the most rustic watering hole to greatness. Done wrong, a music playlist can drag the most chic digs to the depths of kitsch. Music can tie all the design elements of a venue together, while constantly morphing to suit the mood and tempo. But this adaptability is reliant on the quality and flexibility of the playlists, and just as importantly, the way they’re delivered. So the big question is: how far can you get on your own with an iPod or Streaming Service? When do you need to bring in the specialists? And what are the rewards for making that investment in your music?

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HappyGobColinLarter small copy

Happy Goblin Brewery:

Story & Image: Jen Temm

Happy Goblin Brewery is as micro as it gets. Operating out of a 90sqm shared premises in Sydney’s north, the tiny brewery produces about 500L every three weeks – that’s about 1200 bottles and a couple of kegs, or enough to supply a handful of Sydney bottle shops and restaurants.

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Music Connection

Pay only for the music you play.

Stuart Watters is a Director of Morph TV and consults for Nightlife Music.


With the ongoing publicity surrounding public performance tariff increases, there has been a strong focus on compliance for both venues and music suppliers. This is a matter which I am both personally and professionally involved in and passionate about. For the record, Nightlife Music is a client of mine and I have a long history of working with record labels and more broadly in the music industry.

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Smooth Operator

Rolling out better design

Matt Mullins is a partner in Sand Hill Road hospitality group

We’re almost finished designing our next renovation — a double-height garden room at the rear of the Prahran Hotel. Obviously drunk or high or both when they conceived it, the guys at Techne Architects are planning on stacking massive concrete water pipes on top of each other nine metres high, filling the outside edge with glass, building booths on the inside, and making stairs and landings that let you walk up into each pipe, from where you can sip beers and eat burgers, looking down into the garden on the inside and the street on the outside, wondering why no-one ever thought of it before. That’s right, it’s never been done before. Anywhere in the world. And guess what? There’s a reason it’s never been done before anywhere in the world. Its f**king expensive! Architecture that’s never been done before anywhere in the world tends to be very, very difficult. Cos until it’s been done a few hundred times, no one quite knows how it works.

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Cafe Culture is running an Upcycling Competition at Saturday Indesign. Upcycling is the honourable process of converting waste or unwanted materials into new products. When trash becomes treasure. So if you can dream up anything better than a clock plate, send your design — can be a CAD drawing, or even just a hand illustration, … Read more


Spice Market spiced things up last night with a second birthday bash. Celebrity guests included Vince Colosimo, Hamish Blake and his housemate Haydo, Temptation model Chelsea Butler and Ruby Rose hitting the decks — as in, DJing, not overindulging. Though the Mumm champagne was flowing all night, as were the signature cocktails using owner Dean Lucas’ own brand of vodka — 666, made in Tasmania — and Greg Malouf’s canapés were delightful. And in the centre of one of the circular booth seats was a sparkling birthday cake just begging for a burlesque bust-out.

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St Katherine’s Descends On TV

St Katherine’s: 26 Cotham Road, Kew (03) 9207 7477 or George Calombaris and Shane Delia’s newest venue, St Katherine’s, is about to open. And apparently next week will see the restaurant open live on TV, which wouldn’t surprise anyone I’m sure. St Katherine’s is a combination of the two chef’s heritages, with both Cypriot … Read more

Royal Wedding On A Plate

(03) 9690 1958 or While women both sides of the pond that indulge in the odd flip through a trash magazine coo at the prospect of a royal wedding, most men are hoping the young Will & Kate don’t royally screw up their Friday night footy plans. However, there are two gents that are … Read more

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