Local - 5 May 2008

From Eh? to Z

Zedbar: www.zedbar.com.au A couple of years ago the owner of Albury’s Globe Hotel, Brian Grenfell, had a window of opportunity to renovate but elected to hold off. Meanwhile, Globe’s competition got busy revamping their venues and soon saw its patrons jumping ship.Drastic action was required. So designer Paul Kelly donned his super hero cape and

Hotel - 15 March 2008

Sparkling Diamant

Diamant Hotel: 14 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point NSW (02) 9295 8888 or www.diamant.com.au Sydney’s Kings Cross district continues to vie for the mantle of the capital’s most design-conscious destination, with the opening of the sleek and sexy Diamant Hotel. The 77-room boutique hotel is part of the Eight Hotels group, which plans to open

Backchat - 5 January 2008

Inn Thing

I don’t think I’m being unfair when I say that hotels have been violently keel-hauled into the IT-centric 21st century. This issue we profile the Smart Hotel trend, and it’s been a long time in coming (the movement not the article). Commerce has been ‘double-duplexing their asynchronous PBX feeds’ for years but hotels have been

Hotel - 4 July 2007

All Hands on Deck

The Deck Mercantile Place: cnr of Flinders and King Streets, Melbourne VIC (03) 9629 1350 or www.deckmercantileplace.com.au The Deck Mercantile Place is a unique rooftop offering, perched on the redeveloped Waterside Hotel. The views take in the Rialto, Yarra activity, Crown fireballs as well as a healthy dose of gritty urban architectural ‘armpits’. Thanks to

Hotel - 14 May 2007

Albion Hotel’s Sights & Sounds

Albion Hotel: www.albionhotel.com.au Parramatta’s Albion Hotel has undergone a radical facelift, including the introduction of a 700-capacity live venue and nightclub called Gasworks, as well as a beer garden and bar. The hotel belongs to the Solitel Hotel Group. Audio consultant David Gilfillan designed and specified the audio requirements for the hotel with Beyond AV

Backchat - 5 March 2007

Being Boutique & Starck Contrasts

Maybe I’m a slob, I’m not entirely sure. But once I walk through the door of a hotel room I like to spread out. The contents of my bag get strewn to all corners in a matter of minutes. This normally occurs to the strains of some ‘top stories at the top of the hour’

Hotel - 5 November 2006

Hesperia Tower — Barcelona

Hesperia Tower: www.hesperia-tower.com Barcelona’s Hesperia Tower hotel, designed by Richard Rogers Partnership, is a somewhat controversial skyscraper whose architecture and design are reason enough to make it a destination hotel. This imposing monolith, with a glass-honeycomb-domed restaurant perched on top like a visiting UFO, towers 104 metres high. It also features a second restaurant ‘Bouquet’

Hotel - 5 May 2006


duoMo: www.duomohotel.com The duoMo hotel in Rimini, Italy, is the inaugural hotel project from the internationally renowned architect and designer, Ron Arad. This much-anticipated launch sees the use of alternative materials, bright colours and unusual shapes to produce a hotel that reverses design expectations to create an overall experience that is both futuristic and exciting.

Casino - 5 March 2006

Sheraton Mencey Hotel Tenerife, Canary Islands

Sheraton Mencey Hotel: www.sheratonmencey.com/eng Nestled in the wondrous arboreal splendour of Tenerife, Hotel Mencey blends in perfectly with the style of the city, with its picturesque corners and imposing old quarters. The Mencey has a distinctive atmosphere of its own and the interior offer guests unalloyed comfort and elegance. Take in the gastronomic variety of