Duvet, New York



Partial to snuggling under a doona with a packet of Tim Tams? Who isn’t. But why restrict one of life’s great guilty pleasures to your own bed when you can head to New York’s Duvet restaurant and club and live it up in one of theirs?

This sexy, bi-level ‘dining boudoir’ is a great place for jaded New Yorkers to park their slippers. Duvet is the lovechild of owner Sabina Belkin and features 30 ‘dining beds’, soft satin banquettes, frosted glass bars and seven intimate ‘bedrooms’ that are available for private parties. ’Ullo, pass the whipped cream…

Upon entering Duvet, patrons will at once find themselves amazed at the sheer size (over 20,000 square feet) and elegance of the space. On the first floor, Venetian paint embossed with silver leaf adorns the walls, creating an upscale, glamorous vibe. The 27-metre frosted-glass ‘Ice Bar’ — so named for its resemblance to melting ice — is Duvet’s full-service, 35-seat bar featuring unique signature cocktails. I can think of a few that might be appropriate, such as Kick the Dog Off, Wet Patch, and of course the traditional, yet slightly dull, Between the Sheets.

Behind the Ice Bar is a striking 2.5 x 4.5-metre aquarium that houses over 100 exotic jellyfish. The 30 custom beds — each of which is larger than a standard king size — overflow with soft, Italian-imported goose-down pillows in beige and gold that sit atop the crisp white 400-count sheets.

So next time you’re in New York remember to pack your ‘good’ pyjamas and take teddy for a night out on the horizontal. — CS

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