Eco Beach

Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat:

Broome WA
(08) 9193 8015 or

Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat, in the Kimberley region over an hour from Broome, is the result of Karl Plunkett and partner Natalie Kimpton’s steely resolve to rebuild the original 1998-launched version that fell victim to cyclone Rosita in 2000. With great tenacity, Plunkett carried on through the eventual loss of Kimpton to cancer to finish the retreat and bring people in touch with the edge of the Kimberley region. The result is a sustainable-focused retreat designed with the aid of Perth architect Paul Meschiati. The fallout from Rosita was taken very seriously, with accommodation in the form of 25 cyclone-proof self-sustaining villas and 30 demountable safari-style eco tents. The hybrid power system is one of only three in the world, where each villa is solar powered and virtually self-sustaining, generating 3kW of power, and using air conditioners that are twice as economical as standard versions. There is also energy monitoring systems allowing guests to keep track of how many carbon credits they’re spending. The whole eco retreat is also a test bed for Plunkett’s other business, Eco Structures Australia— the builder’s company responsible for creating the villas and tents. But it’s more than just a collection of tents, there are over 1km of raised boardwalks — made from composite recycled plastic and wood bi-products — for getting around without damaging the environment, natural bathroom products, recycled water, vegetables and herbs from the onsite garden, fishing programs promoting catch and release, nature and cultural guides, and a goal to train and employ 20 percent of its workforce from indigenous backgrounds by 2011. Eco Beach Retreat also sponsors Conservation Australia with a turtle nesting program at the retreat, and also a native tree and bush rehabilitation program that’s already planted 5000 native trees. For Plunkett, it’s a dream come true, urging all his guests to “have fun being the Robinson Crusoe you’ve always dreamed of being.”

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