Guilty Pleasure


100 George Street, The Rocks VIC
(02) 8070 9311 or

There are certain elements about Bar100 that feel a little left of centre. Staring deep through the eyes of a stain-glassed Jesus while sipping on something a little more substantial than communion wine could raise more guilt then even a Catholic could bear. The setting for Bar100’s functions hasn’t heavily deviated from the original Mariner’s chapel design. Why? Because it’s beautiful. The high gabled roof and pristine stained glass has been complemented with a supremely long onyx dry bar that reflects the luminescence of the mostly white room. Leather lounge chairs and banquettes take the place of hard wooden pews, and provide a darker, luxurious side to the chapel. There’s plenty more to Bar100, the precinct spans three levels, including the 8Brothers brasserie and woodfired pizza, with new architecture by Woods Bagot and interiors from SJB, making for a top stop at The Rocks.

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