Having A Bowl


111 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross NSW
(02) 8354 6630

Situated at Kings Cross’ ground zero is the newly refurbished Goldfish, a bar that offers a mix of music, cocktails and food in a comfortable environment with a twist. Its previous incarnation, The Goldfish Bowl, had a solid reputation in the area, and by paying homage to the name the operators are looking to continue its traditions of old-time funkiness. You will be pleased to hear that, while those traditions remain intact, what we see in Goldfish is also a little more atmospheric and refined.

The bar has been furnished with an eclectic array of furniture that manages to give the large space a graceful intimacy. Lounges and ottomans prowl the room, alongside sturdier tables and stools nearer the stage to provide vantage and comfort for those closer to the music. When we were told that each of the stools cost a minimum of four and half thousand dollars it comes as no surprise. The large warehouse-style space is filled with soft furnishings, candles and sculpture. While the floor does occupy a large amount of space, the carefully placed fittings ensure the personal but spacious room divides neatly into individual areas.

Goldfish’s most impressive new feature is the latticework wall that faces Darlinghurst Road. The fantastic, scaled steel partition resembles the abstract scales of a salmon (a subtle nod to the venue’s name perhaps) and is the perfect place to enjoy the warm evenings of summer. I can honestly think of nothing else like it in town, it is a great place to hang out.

And that’s the trick, it’s the atmosphere that is the driving force behind Goldfish’s burgeoning reputation. Having spent the summer hosting events in an engaging and authentic manner, that reputation is solidifying. Not only is the venue, and its product, deliciously set up, there is a flexibility on hand which is almost unheard of. While you cannot escape the personable warmth of an evening here, it also caters for the up-tempo and sophisticated crowd depending on your group’s needs.

Music is of serious importance to Goldfish and they are looking to set a new benchmark for funk, soul and jazz. Many venues will tell you that their music fills the arena. Goldfish can guarantee it. On the evening we stopped by, a saxophonist strolled around the room to the delight of the crowd and helped the atmosphere reach into every corner, nook and cranny.

Goldfish is one of those precious places that instil confidence the moment you walk through the door. The combination of comfort and intimacy, along with the helpful and gregarious staff, not to mention the delectable food, should ensure that it becomes a must-visit for after-work drinks or simply an elegant evening on the town. Not only has it been renamed, but reborn as Goldfish, a bar whose style, layout and product is closely aligned to the iconic nature of its location. I’ll see you there. — Mark Payne

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