Heavy Metal

Titanium Bar:

Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD
(07) 5538 9677 or www.titaniumbar.com.au

Situated on the picturesque Nerang River in Surfers Paradise, the former Pink Elephant Bar & Grill has received a multi-million dollar refurbishment, turning it into the official off-field venue of the Jetstar Gold Coast Titans.Named the Titanium Bar (geddit?), this new lounge bar and dining venue provides diners and partygoers with one of the few riverfront restaurant and night venues located in central Surfers Paradise. With timber-lined walls, leather sofas and ottomans on ‘metallic’ rugs, the Titanium Bar is a sophisticated and elegant venue that doesn’t exactly scream ‘footy’.A centrally located marble-clad island bar provides a focal point for both the lounge and outdoor balcony dining area. Patrons can go alfresco in style: pull up a Philippe Starck-designed polished metallic chair.The Sports Bar includes lounge seating and expansive dancefloors, surrounded by a phalanx of plasma and projection screens serving up all manner of sport and visual effects. The timber decking surrounding the venue is be-decked with soft contemporary ‘daybed’-style seating, suitable for lounging and enjoying the river view.One of the building’s more notable features is accessed via stairs that lead from the new bar areas — and I refer to the luxurious new toilets. Highlight of the ‘destination loos’ is the ladies’ powder room, which is decked out with exquisite ottomans and dressing tables, and lined with soft draping fabric providing privacy to the full-height window over-looking the frenetic WRX action of Ferny Avenue.Venutech installed a comprehensive lighting, audiovisual and Acoustic Technologies-based audio system into the Titanium Bar, including eight Robe MS Zoom 250XTs and four Robe ColorWash 250ATs moving head fixtures. LED lighting is harnessed throughout the venue including nine Anolis ArcLine36 RGB units for the back wall’s dynamic colour changing, six Anolis ArcLine36 Cool White to differentiate the front bar area from the entertainment areas, and eight Anolis ArcLine24 for the ingenious chandeliers designed by Venutech. These fixtures are all controlled with E:CUE’s Programmer 3.6 and an Excite Dongle… yes, you read correctly, an Excite Dongle.The programming of the E:CUE system was performed by ULA’s  John Stanley, who said: “The entire system uses E:CUE due to the flexibility and usability that E:CUE provides. Venutech has a reputation of always going the extra mile to make their installs stand out, and Titanium is no exception. The high level of detail in the positioning of the fixtures and the custom designed and built chandeliers gives the Titanium bar its unique image.”

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