L-Acoustics Syva Installed in Singapore’s Parkroyal

Situated in the heart of Singapore alongside iconic landmarks and tourist attractions, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, with its impressive architecture and luxury surroundings, is a new destination for tourists seeking unique experiences. The hotel, part of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, is the result of a complete renovation of an existing building and is a strategic new offering as the Group expands its hospitality ventures to new, key markets. With the mission of providing a holistic hospitality experience with impeccable service to guests, it came as no surprise that quality sound was the top priority when choosing a suitable system for the new Garden Ballroom.

The 767 square-metre ballroom hosts wedding banquets and corporate dining events and can also be partitioned into three separate rooms for corporate seminars. Acoustic and audio-visual consultants CCW Associates were tasked with the technical specifications of the Garden Ballroom. Concealing all speakers at their installation points within the elegant interior design was an essential requirement.

CCW Associates invited Singapore-based L-Acoustics Certified Provider Concept Systems Technologies to participate in the project tender, based on its proven credentials in providing audio solutions to over 40 hospitality projects around the city island.

Gerald Fong, project and sales director at Concept Systems Technologies, explains that the system previously installed in the space had limited sound power and coverage ability. “A stereo pair of point source enclosures and 6.5-inch ceiling speakers had been distributed across the ballroom. Unfortunately, the technical limitations of the system prevented the team from being able to push the levels to their desire,” discloses Fong. Fong and his team knew that the innovative, low-profile design of the L-Acoustics Syva with exceptional coverage capability, augmented by the distribution of L-Acoustics 5XT with its impressive output-to-size ratio, can achieve both power and discretion.

With full 140 degrees of horizontal coverage, a single pair of L-Acoustics Syva, concealed on either side of the Garden Ballroom stage cover the vast 36-metre ballroom. A pair of Syva Low are embedded in the ceiling area close to the stage, and 18 compact 5XT speakers, again hidden in the ceiling architecture, are pointed down, offering full-range clarity to seated guests. Six additional Syva Sub are hidden in the back and side ceiling area to provide clear low-end down to 27Hz. Two L-Acoustics LA4X and three L-Acoustics LA2Xi amplified controllers drive the system.

Fong reflects on the success of a concert-grade sound system, that guests enjoy as an integral part of the luxurious PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay experience. “The Syva system looks, sound and feels comfortable for guests who come here to celebrate some of life’s most momentous occasions,” he muses. And the system is equally appreciated by event organizers; “we have had event companies coming to this venue for set up, and when they recognise and hear the L-Acoustics Syva installed, they will promptly request to use the system for the event. I believe they are pleasantly surprised by a system that is well hidden in the beautiful interior design delivering pristine sound for their clients and guests.”