Louche Laruche


680 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD
(07) 3666 0880 or www.laruche.com.au

It’s not often we get to use the word ‘phantasmagorical’ in venue but it could almost have been invented to describe this new venue in Fortitude Valley. Laruche is owned by Elie Moubarak (he of Lychee Bar fame) and he’s once again joined forces with designer Remo Vallance to create the look and feel of the bar and supperclub. The lighting features come courtesy of glass blower Lucal Salton (and designed by Remo Vallance), the bespoke wallpapers are by KT Doyle and Jennie Jackson, while the fancy woodwork can be credited to Ian Windross. Laruche is a veritable Alladin’s cave of the kitsch, the cool and the eclectic. Moubarak says the interiors “swing wildly between the beautiful, the macabre and the decadent”, with the wallpaper, stairwell, glass features or other original artwork all playing their part. Laruche’s audio system was designed and installed by Brad Parker of Parker Black Pro Audio. Brad designed the rig around HK Audio: 2 x HK Au- dio CT-112 mid/highs, 2 x HK Audio CT-118 subs, 2 x HK Audio CT-108 room fills and two HK Audio LUCAS SMART portable PA systems. 2 x MC2 Audio T3500 power amplifiers and a HK Audio DSM 2060 system processor drive the system. HK sound systems are known for their top-draw sound without the supersonic pricing. This rig represents some serious firepower, and Laruche’s Entertainment Co-ordinator, Miro Grgic loves the sound and the work done by Parker Black: “The dispersion and warmth of the speakers allow the patrons to enjoy a drink and not have to yell at each other. Yet at the same time, they can completely get immersed in the music and dance.”

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