117 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW

One gallon of rum, that’s all it took for John McArthur to buy up all the land that makes up Pyrmont and Ultimo in 1798. It costs a little more than a booze barter to snatch up a parcel of land nowadays, but it doesn’t stop the locals having a good old haggle. For Gallon, owners Julian Leitl and co. resourcefully procured 90% of the fixtures and fittings from auctions and other businesses closing down, and gratefully receiving a few donations from a generous former employer. The stainless was put together by Austmont Catering Equipment, but pretty much everything else has the fingerprints of the owners on it. Seeing as though the building was previously a marketing office, it did mean that all the services had to be run from scratch, but the silver lining was the opportunity to place everything exactly where they wanted to achieve that all important efficient flow. Gallon is a place for Pyrmont locals, and the 80sqm of sandstone uncovered beneath the render will go a long way to making them feel at home.

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