Westfield Shopping Centre, Sydney NSW

Prada has joined a formidable coterie of luxe brands with its new store in Sydney at the Westfield Sydney downtown shopping centre. The space, designed by Roberto Baciocchi, extends over two levels covering a total surface area of 850sqm and houses the Prada collections of ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories for both women and men.

The external façade has a strong visual impact: cones of various steel sections are combined to create a large nuanced wall. The result has a unique optical effect, strengthened by the choice of matte black. The beautiful play of light and shadows generated by this particular surface gives a strong identity and dynamism to the entire storefront in a fluid series of windows and light-boxes.

The two entrances, one external and one internal by the mall, open to the ground floor of the store, in which the distinctive elements of all Prada stores around the world are presented: ready-to-wear, footwear, handbags and women’s accessories are displayed in green and pastel niches and in precious crystal and polished steel showcases.

The interior spaces, enclosed by walls covered in green canvas panels in wax-coloured saffiano leather and smoky mirrors, are completed by fine white and black checkerboard marble floors and purple velvet sofas.

A black marble staircase leads to the first floor which is entirely devoted to men’s collections. The atmosphere of this space follows a museum inspiration: polished steel and glass display cases are placed in niches — some covered in smoky mirrors, some in ebony wood — exposing the product with an elegant touch.

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