MasterChef Dining

St Marys Rd, Sydney 2000 (in front of St Mary’s Cathedral)


This is real 3D TV. Marketing agency the projects* have partnered with Shine Australia’s hit TV show MasterChef and Network Ten. The agency is responsible for the design and execution of the first MasterChef Dining pop-up bar and restaurant, the must-have table booking in Sydney this July – so popular that it is already booked out.

The concept brings the series to life physically: the final result being a translation of the on-screen show into a fine dining experience. The MasterChef Dining pop-up restaurant and bar’s positioning in the forecourt of St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney’s CBD utilises the large open space ideal for such a concept, with views across Hyde Park to the city beyond. Guests are treated to a 3-course culinary feast prepared by an array of past and present stars of the show. Winners Julie Goodwin, Justine Schofield, Adam Liaw and Hayden Quinn take part in the rotating roster of chefs, working alongside some of the country’s most respected chefs including Justin North, Kylie Kwong, and Christine Mansfield. There is also be a stand-alone bar operated by Keystone.

“This concept takes ‘pop up’ dining to a new level,” says the projects* partner Carrie Barker. “MasterChef Dining will be Australia’s first premium fine dining pop-up restaurant, bringing the much loved MasterChef brand to life. Consumers will be immersed in the MasterChef brand, from the delicious show-inspired menu to meeting their favourite contestants and chefs, and the look and feel of the innovative structure.”

“Creative collaboration is a huge part of our recipe for our success as an agency. We use our network of contacts to bring the best people to the table and to bring our ideas to life,” she continues. “For MasterChef Dining, we’re collaborating with Kelvin Ho on the design of the outdoor structure and Alex Zabotto Bentley on the interior styling to really add that special touch.

“The menu, meanwhile, is a collaboration with the Keystone Group and the many MasterChef favourites and chefs taking part in this fantastic project.”

Given Australia’s love affair with food has shown no signs of slowing, the projects* team knew that this was an ideal time for the most successful food program on television to make the leap off the screen.

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