Sweet Infinity:

The Strand Arcade, Shop 18, Ground Floor
412-414 George St, Sydney NSW
(02) 9231 0472 or

Marie Antionette would have a field day poring over the window display of Sweet Infinity’s new Strand Arcade outlet. It’s the first retail-only outlet for pastry chef and owner Leanne Beck, and the designers GroupGSA had to really ‘bake in’ the Sweet Infinity brand identity. “Our challenge for Sweet Infinity was to establish not only the company’s first retail-only store but also a brand identity that was intrinsic to the business. It was important the cooking process be expressed in the display of the end product; that each cake or quiche was handmade and unique,” said GroupGSA Director Lisa-Maree Carrigan

The feature wall is coloured bright raspberry and covered in chocolate cake tins, and cupcake liner-looking Established & Sons Tank Lights from Living Edge hang from the roof — a nod to the hard baking that goes into the treats while establishing the brand’s colours. The space maintains its late 19th century proportions — tiny, like a snug-fitting corset. But GroupGSA used mirrors to make the space seem deeper, and dissolved the definition between the walls and floors, to turn the 19sqm space into something of an ornate yet endearingly cute treasure trove.

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