Acqua Iguazu

Manila, Philippines


Century Properties Group is launching a new signature tower in Metro Manila.

The tower, called Acqua Iguazu, is the first collaboration of Century Properties with the international interior design brand yoo inspired by Starck, founded by the French designer Philippe Starck and the British real estate entrepreneur John Hitchcox.

The Php 1.7-billion development (US $41.4 million) is the fifth of six buildings to rise within the developer’s 2.4-hectare (258,000-square-foot) Mandaluyong City project called Acqua Private Residences.

“We continue to establish international collaborations because the local market has shown its readiness for branded real estate,” says Century Properties Co-COO and Managing Director Marco R. Antonio.

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Circa 2010

The Prince:

2 Acland St, St Kilda VIC
(03) 9536 1111 or

The Prince of Wales has a split personality: for Melbourne rock fans, it’s a rite of passage that leads straight out of the front bar, past security, and upstairs to the band room. If you let it out of the bag that the Prince is also home to a fine dining restaurant and upmarket boutique hotel, they’d likely chortle, slap you on the back, look you up and down thinking, ‘this guy has no idea’, then never speak of it again. And it’s probably best left that way. For never has a venue played the chords for two different demographics with such aplomb.

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I’m a Boutique Freak

Boutique Stadium? I nearly choked on my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I have no idea what a boutique stadium is but according to some bureau-prat on the morning radio, Melbourne needs one.

In fact, I’m not sure when we began turning ‘boutique’ into an adjective but it’s made things awkward. Institutions that were previously ‘small’ are now ‘boutique’.

‘Hang on,’ I hear the more switched-on readership cry, there’s more to ‘boutique’ than being small, there’s a design criterion — it’s small and designed.

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Starck Goes Eastwest

It seems that Philippe Starck will never run out of venues on which to impose his vision. Declaring the pigeonholed, darkened recording studio to be unfit for working in 12 hours a day, he’s put his hand to Eastwest studios in Hollywood to save it from a similar fate. Founded in 1961, as part of audio legend Bill Putnam’s United Western Studios, the studio has hosted such musical royalty as Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Madonna and many more.

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Being Boutique & Starck Contrasts

Maybe I’m a slob, I’m not entirely sure. But once I walk through the door of a hotel room I like to spread out. The contents of my bag get strewn to all corners in a matter of minutes. This normally occurs to the strains of some ‘top stories at the top of the hour’ yank news service on the idiot box and three fingers of some duty-free firewater. Then, if I don’t have every towel hanging in various stages of saturation around the bathroom within half an hour, I know my standards are slipping. Soon after, my shirts will need pressing and the ironing board will come out (hotel room designers: why do the power point positions always dictate needing to iron in a corner perched over the top of a side table… but never somewhere convenient, like in front of the telly?) and won’t be returned for the duration of my stay.

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