Local - 19 February 2013


The Park Hotel 12 Watton St, Werribee, Melbourne 3030 (03) 9741 1441 or http://theparkhotel.net.au/   Converted last year from a derelict relic, this sprawling hotel has a new life as an eatery and craft beer hall.  Owners Nick Christou and Isaac Zietek have over 20 years combined industry experience and are responsible for some of

Backchat - 5 May 2007

Your name up in smoke

I’m not entirely sure why I bother. Every time I send a ‘big shout out’ to readers I get zippety-zero response. I mean, I know you’re out there… you email me about other things and I know you read the magazine so… tap tap — hello, McFly? For what it’s worth, I’d like to invite