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Wests Ashfield:

115 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield NSW
(02) 8752 2000 or

It’s no good spending squillions on a fancy interior design and installing the best audiovisual gear available if the exterior of the venue looks as inviting as the Port Hedland Detention Centre. Advertising agencies charge manufacturers a bomb to design wrappers for their wares and so venues should pay attention to their ‘wrapping’, after all it is usually the clients’ first impression of the place.Sydney’s Wests Ashfield Leagues Club tackled their wrapping a couple of years ago by installing colour-changing lighting to the most prominent part of the building’s exterior. The building sits at a busy junction and come nightfall the lighting heralds the venue’s presence. It’s also made it highly visible from the nearby train station.Unfortunately, the venue was recently being let down by its big-ticket lighting feature — the fixtures were relatively old and superseded and weren’t worth repairing or maintaining — so they revamped it along with a variety of other renovations, including new restaurants and bars.Audiovisual specialists, Saltec, spearheaded by Stephen Askins and Greg De Vries, set about assessing the options, deciding on a total of seven Studio Due ArchiLED 3W LED fixtures installed by Elite IDS. The unit is IP-rated to 66, allowing for full outdoor use in all conditions. The face of the unit has a simple touch panel allowing the client to access preset programs or DMX address changes. As well as red, green and blue LEDs it also has 1W amber LEDs. This allows the fixture a greater range of colour output and creates more flexibility in its possible applications.“The LED fixtures are much more efficient than the older-style outdoor blasters, this project is now running at 30% of the power of the previous fixtures, and in today’s environment I think this’s really important,” commented Stephen Askins. “The colours available to us, with the added amber LEDs, really allows us to make the display very dynamic. They’re just a great little light — I believe Studio Due has nailed it with this one, it’s so easy to use and install.”

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