Local - 15 November 2008

Hell On Earth

Devilles Pad: 3 Aberdeen St, Perth WA (08) 9225 6669 or www.devillespad.com Photo: Johnny Trask Devilles Pad was originally conceived for The Parmelia Hilton in Perth. But when that project got shelved, Josh Collins and his team decided to press on alone. It took them eight months to convert a rundown shell into a bizarre

Backchat - 5 November 2008

Send in the Tanks (& Other Madness)

Like everyone else, I was sickened to hear that a young chap was kicked to within an inch of his life outside the QBH nightclub in Melbourne’s Southbank district back in early September. The poor bloke later died in hospital and the thugs responsible were charged. My disgust turned into disbelief when I caught the

Bar - 15 September 2008

Cocktails & Dreams VIP

Cocktails & Dreams Nightclub: Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise (07) 5592 1955 or www.cocktailsnightclub.com.au Cocktails & Dreams on the Gold Coast has opened its VIP bar: CD’s. Aiming to attract an upmarket crowd, the club lays out a red carpet to the entrance with lavish black drapes framing the walkway and a smart dress code is

Local - 15 March 2007


Connections Nightclub: 81 James Street, Northbridge WA Perth’s Connections Nightclub, after celebrating 30 years of continuous operation last year, has done what every self-respecting lady does these days after passing such a milestone… she’s had a facelift. And not just a lick of paint and some botox, we’re talking about ‘the works’ with nearly half

Global - 5 March 2007

Reina Bruja — Madrid

Reina Bruja: www.reinabruja.com Spanish designer Tomás Alía’s latest Madrid project, Reina Bruja nightclub, is an ever-changing environment thanks to clever use of the LED technology that delivers a palette of 16 million colours to any nook of the club. A subterranean space divided by columns, Reina Bruja magically combines light, colour and organic curves from

Backchat - 5 November 2006

Red Carpet Treatment

Remember how good it felt to sit on the back seat of the school bus for the first time? To be initiated into the ranks of the back seat brigade meant you were accepted, and being there made you feel socially bulletproof. Crazy really. It’s really no different from the rest of the bus, and

Nightclub - 5 March 2006

Clubbed to Life

A couple of years back I had my first introduction to a traditional club. You know the type — an old Gentlemen’s Club. Actually, it was The Melbourne Club, and it was exactly what I imagined a club to be. As a bit of a fan of PG Wodehouse novels, I’d read enough about people

Nightclub - 5 January 2006

Zacatecas Mine, Mexico

Mexican clubbers now have a new venue in which to ‘rock out’. The history of the Zacatecas Mine in Mexico goes back to the 16th and 17th centuries when pre glo-stick miners went in search of shiny metal. In 1975 the mine became a nightclub, but in 2004 the club closed in preparation for a

Nightclub - 5 January 2005


CocoonClub: www.cocoonclub.net Thought your club design was a bit ‘out there’? Think again. DJ Sven Väth has opened a new dance venue, CocoonClub, in Frankfurt, and it really is something else entirely. It’s wall-to-wall state-of-the-art: involving impressive interior design, and high-end sound, video and lighting systems throughout. Design agency 3deluxe created four zones, offering something