The Key Club

117 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000
(03) 9650 3388 or or


Melbourne’s Key Club is the newest nightspot for Melbourne’s exclusive crowds. The venue is divided into three distinct areas: two bars and an indoor garden room, named The Looking Glass room. The Key Club has a state-of-the-art sound system in the main club room as well as indoor day beds, VIP booths and a VIP room.

Jbn Sound Solutions provided the complete audio and lighting fit out for the Key Club, in conjunction with Pulse Audio Visual. The brief was to transform the old Loft venue into an elegant, sophisticated and stylish venue whilst keeping the external noise to a minimum.

Over the main dance floor area Jbn Sound Solutions installed a 160 panel (1440 speaker) Jbn Sound Ceiling speaker system that operates at a level of 115 – 120db. This provides exceptional quality and a consistent volume over the total dance floor.

Wander only three metres away from the dance floor to the bar and remarkably the audio drops to only 105dB! This allows guests the opportunity to order drinks without having to scream to be heard.

Thanks to the Jbn Sound Ceiling, bar staff are protected from the high SPL levels associated with conventional speakers systems. As new laws have been introduced into Singpore regarding noise in the workplace, the OH&S issues will prove to be a major concern for many venues in the future when considering audio systems.

Consideration was also given to the local neighbours and potential noise complaints.

The surrounding areas are filled with another four 24-panel (216 speaker) Jbn Sound Ceilings directly above each Day Bed area. This allows the management to customise the volume to suit each booking for a day bed location. Elsewhere in the club the audio comes via the high-end Mycro 06’s and Subs, and Posh wall mount and in-ceiling speakers.

The audio systems are controlled by a BSS London Audio processor and powered by Jbn and Ram amplifiers.

“The Jbn Sound Ceiling has been really good, offering lots of control and scope,” says club director Tony Pan. “It really is an excellent product. We have had zero problems with it and no complaints from the hotel next door or from the people downstairs. It’s been a great product for us and suited us to a tee.”

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