Simply Marblous

Marble Bar @ The Hilton:

488 George Street, Sydney NSW
(02) 9265 6072 or

Sydney’s Marble Bar originally opened in 1893. Funding for the venue was raised from NSW horse racing sweeps – as profitable then as they are now –  and the venue cost a staggering 32,000 pounds to build. Marble Bar was built with love by some of Australia’s best stone masons and craftsmen of the time, with more than 100 tonnes of primo marble shipped in from Belgium and the African colonies. Marble Bar is bold, ballsy and opulent.

In the early ’70s the entire bar was meticulously re-constructed underneath the newly built Sydney Hilton where it was restored to its original splendour. The venue also underwent a complete restoration in 2005 which gave the bar yet another shot in the arm. Regularly hosting national and international artists, Hilton’s Marble Bar has become a local favourite as well as a happy haunt for travellers.

The sound system was recently upgraded by Bump Productions in Sydney which was eager to give the venue a system it deserved: something sleek, clean and powerful. Keith Eisenhuth from Bump Productions was asked to design a system and he opted for a Nexo solution, sourced from Group Technologies.

Keith installed and commissioned 2 x Nexo PS15s, 2 x Nexo PS10s, 2 x Nexo RS15s and 2 x Quest MS601 speakers. To complement the system, state-of-the-art Camco QPower10 and DPower4 amplifiers were chosen. Keith reports: “The clients have never heard the room sound better and the venue deals with every type of live music that could possibly be booked.”

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