The Next Big Thing

Back when we launched venue around five years ago a 42-inch screen would set you back $5000+. And I’m not talking about a household name you can trust, I’m talking about a Soney or a Firrips, straight-off-the-back-of-a-Chinese-truck flat panel… probably held together with egg white and sticky tape. Still, we revered the ‘big’ screen like the coming of the second technical messiah. In many pubs, the big screen would hold court, taking pride of place… If you wanted to show off, then you had, gasp, more than one.

Here was a technology beyond most of the public and for many it was reason enough to come to the pub for the big game or to have their senses assaulted by the latest music videos.

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Hunger For Business


30 The Esplanade, St Kilda, VIC
(03) 9534 3800 or

Across the road from the fledgling restaurant Phamish sit two enduring St Kilda icons; the gaping clown mouth of Luna Park and the old world Palais Theatre. Beyond these gatekeepers, the streetscape melds into a wake of eclectic venues left by the gentrification of the once bohemian enclave. It’s this eclecticism and edginess that owners and sisters Michelle and Nicole Saade commissioned interior designer Roberta Tessarolo from Rothelowman to encapsulate in the restaurant’s design.

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A Club By Jupiter

Jupiters Casino:

(07) 5592 8100 or

As soon as you clap eyes on the Gold Club it’s easy to tell that designers Design By Innovation (DBI) had Monte Carlo in mind more than Vegas. It’s private and sophisticated — an escape from the hubbub of the gaming floor.”We feel this is a refreshing approach to casino design and a suitable trend for future gaming venues,” commented Anna Goh, Executive Interior Designer for DBI. “Our challenge was to inject a sophisticated space with a strong sense of order. Our philosophy was to create strong signals in key areas announcing the purpose of each space with a visually clear, strong interior statement.”

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Dazzle — Tokyo


Diners at Tokyo’s latest fashionable restaurant, Dazzle, are bedazzled by more than just the amazing interiors. As they step out of the elevator floor they encounter not a swish maître d’ station but a frenetic kitchen! Owner, Yoshihiro Shinkawa, says the aim is to share the ambience of chefs preparing the food, while interior designer Akihide Toida says more bluntly, “my intention was to make guests perplexed that they may have taken the wrong elevator and arrived at the wrong place.” Hmm, very Iron Chef.

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